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PagePingr the FREE Google Ping Tool, automatically lets services & search engines know that your website has updated. Fill out the form below & leave the rest to us. Website pinging is a process by which you can inform Google that you have updated content in your blog/website. Using PagePingr will help your website get indexed fast.


Are you frustrated that Google doesn't seem to be finding all the pages on your new website? Or perhaps you’ve been adding some great new content every week, but every time you do, it seems to take FOREVER to get indexed?

Pinging your website is the online equivalent of patting the back of Google, “Hey! Over here – we got something new for you!” whenever you add or make major updates to the content on your site. Using PagePinger can speed up indexing because it essentially sends Google & other services a message from your website telling them that there is new content & to come crawl it.

Find out more: wikipedia entry on pinging

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